The Center for Earth Ethics (CEE) is a forum for education, public discourse and movement building that draws on faith and wisdom traditions to address our ecological crisis and its root causes. CEE regards our climate change as the consequence of a deeper malady: an economic development model that exploits people and nature for short-term financial gain. We cultivate the public consciousness necessary to make changes in policy and culture that will establish a new paradigm based on the sustained well-being of all people and our planet.

Founded at Union Theological Seminary in 2015, the Center builds on Union’s broad ecumenical base and long-standing commitment to social justice. 


Our Work

  • Educational Opportunities. The Center offers educational opportunities for students at Union Theological Seminary and the public. Topics for one-credit classes taught by the Center include Beyond GDP: Spirituality, Ethics and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Indigenous Voices on Ecology, Spirituality and Colonization. We also collaborate with Union faculty to broaden the curriculum offerings on ecology and faith. In addition, we offer hands-on eco-ministry workshops for faith communities and individual clergy. 
  • Convening. Following the climate agreement laid out by the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris, now is the time for spiritual, indigenous, and religious communities to break new ground with climate justice and environmental justice organizations. We are attentive to the need to both go deep within particular religious traditions, and to bridge long-standing divides between secular and religious organizations. Our conferences and public events bring together multidisciplinary experts, exploring the wide societal shifts needed in how we relate to the Earth and each other. 
  • Action. Through public writing, speaking, and event sponsorship, Center staff members are active in campaigns against local fossil fuel infrastructure projects, money in politics, and other urgent and paramount issues relating to climate change and our ecological crisis. 

In Memoriam

CEE mourns the loss of these incredible friends and advisors.                    ...


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Advisory Board

Our small staff is supported by a diverse Advisory Council that includes leaders of the environmental movement, representatives of spiritual traditions, and leaders of affected populations.


The Center for Earth Ethics is proud to work with the following organizations to care for the Earth.


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