In Memoriam

CEE mourns the loss of these incredible friends and advisors.                                                        May their lives and work continue to inspire us all.

Aria Doe

Ms. Doe and her husband started the Action Center for Education and Community Development to serve the community in Far Rockaway, Queens, a community of New York City, where many of the residents live at 200% below the poverty line and where many are still recovering from hurricane Sandy.

Video of Aria Doe at the Action Center in Rockaway Park, Queens

Here she is with Josh Fox at Sundance Film Festival:

Talking Shop at Sundance: Fighting for the Things Climate Can't Change 



Leonard Little Finger

Leonard Little Finger

October 6, 1939 - April 8, 2017

Leonard and the Mission of Love 

Leonard Anthony Little Finger, 77 began his journey to the Spirit World on Saturday, April 8th 2017. Leonard passed away peacefully at his home in Oglala South Dakota, surrounded by family. 

Leonard Little Finger was born the grandson of two survivors of Wounded Knee; Joseph Horn Cloud, who was his maternal grandfather and John Little Finger, who was his paternal grandfather. John Little Finger was the son of Yellow Horse, a son of Chief Big Foot. Yellow Horse was killed in an accident when John Little Finger was approximately 10 years old, and his mother remarried to Black Eagle, who was also a son of Chief Big Foot. John Little Finger would live with Chief Big Foot for four years leading up to the massacre at Wounded Knee.

Leonard is preceded in death by his parents, Wallace and Pearl (Horn cloud) Little Finger; daughter, Lana Ten Fingers; and survived by numerous beloved relatives. 

In the years after the massacre at Wounded Knee, Leonard’s grandfather, Joseph Horn Cloud, traveled the country raising money for the creation of a memorial for those killed. On May 22, 1902, his efforts were rewarded with the erection of a small monument at the mass grave where US soldiers buried the dead. At the dedication, three individuals spoke: Fire Lightning, who was one of the original owners of the massacre site; Joseph Horn Cloud; and a Catholic priest. It is unknown what was said at the dedication.

According to Little Finger, each year the survivors would meet at the memorial in remembrance of the events that took place there on that tragic winter day in 1890. This meeting took place throughout the 1950’s when the last survivors died, and ended in 1972 just prior to the takeover by the American Indian Movement.

“There are three really important virtues; kinship, respect for yourself, and respect for others. Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related). In this way, Wounded Knee touches all of the people. Within the sacred hoop is the presence of our creator and our culture. Spirituality can only be understood when it is lived and we need the language and our culture to be restored to do that. Wounded Knee has the power to do this,” said Little Finger.

From Indianz.Com. In Print. 

Native Sun News: A Wounded Knee descendant speaks out
Wednesday, May 15, 2013



Rev. Chandra Taylor Smith

In Loving Memory... As we have written before, we are still mourning our colleague and friend, Rev. Chandra Taylor Smith, National Audubon Society's Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion.  She was dedicated to equality, faith, the environment & people.  Donations can be made in her honor for Hog Island Summer Camp.

In Memory of Dr. Chandra Taylor Smith - from the National Audobon Society