Sister Giant - in Washington DC or Livestream

Sister Giant - in Washington DC or Livestream


Washington DC Feb. 2-4

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In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Politics should be sacred.” Sacred doesn’t necessarily mean religious – it means stemming from the deepest part of ourselves.

The search for authenticity, for our deep humanity, should not stop at the door to politics. If anything, it should extend deeply into realms that affect so powerfully the existence of earth’s billions of inhabitants. From how we treat the environment to how we treat each other, our political choices are significant indicators of our moral values and spiritual convictions.

The times in which we live call for a critical re-evaluation of our relationship to life around us – to our fellow citizens, to our country and to our world. Yet in order to transform our current challenges, we must address them from a holistic perspective – recognizing not only the external but also the internal dimensions of both our problems and their solutions.

SISTER GIANT is dedicated to forging a deeper conversation about what is happening in America today – and what we can do to change it. Join us at this time of national tumult that together we might rethink our country.


At this year’s SISTER GIANT, Marianne Williamson partnered with Derrick Harkins, Senior Vice-President at Union Theological Seminary. It was held in Washington DC, at the Marriott Hotel in Arlington, Va. From Feb. 2-4, 2017.

The Conference brought together an illuminating mix of thinkers, gathering to consider the state of our country on both spiritual and political levels. We are continuing to incubate ideas and contribute to plans by which each of us, particularly now, can help move America in a more enlightened direction.

These are painful times, but they are also pregnant with new possibilities. We can rise to the occasion and answer the summons of history, seeking to be what we can be and do what we can do to help heal the wounded American psyche and fix our broken political system.

What are the deeper transformational lessons to be learned from this moment? What do we need to understand, as well as to do? What are the shifts we must embrace within ourselves, in order to practice conscious citizenship? And what are practical efforts that will need our support, if we are serious about societal change?

From the role of citizen to the role of the media, from how we can get the money out of politics to how to stem voter suppression, from understanding misogyny to transforming racism, from protecting the environment to protecting each other, SISTER GIANT will present ideas and facilitate actions that lead us as a nation from a consciousness of fear to a consciousness of love.

The question on many of our hearts at the moment is, “Where do we go now?” At SISTER GIANT, we will discuss our options.

Let us understand more deeply, dream more boldly, and act more powerfully. If miracles are possible anywhere, then miracles are possible everywhere.

Let’s co-create a political awakening that shows who we really are.

We must not be passive.
We must not be silent.
We have much to do.

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Read Marianne Williamson’s latest articleThe Great Resistance 2017, from The Huffington Post.

Listen to a Recent Talk by Marianne Williamson about SISTER GIANT 2017 here.



Senator Bernie Sanders will give a keynote address at SISTER GIANT.

Two weeks after the Inauguration of a new President, Bernie’s voice will be hugely important. At SISTER GIANT we will seek to understand our country’s current politics as deeply as possible and to rise to the challenges of our time most effectively.



We will also have an opening night keynote by the Rev. Dr. William Barber, founder of North Carolina’s Moral Mondays.

Rev. Barber is one of the most powerful spiritual leaders taking a stand for social justice in America today, and his presence at Sister Giant is a blessing on our work that weekend. We are very honored to have him.


Rev Dr. William J Barber IIDiana Butler BassAri Berman

R.B. BernsteinLisa BloomNick BryantVera de ChalambertRichard EskowJosh FoxJohn Fugelsang,

Karenna GoreAlan GraysonDerrick HarkinsThom HartmannJean Houston

Congresswoman Pramila JayapalKerri KellyDennis Kucinich

Elizabeth KucinichEdina LekovicMichael LernerDave Murphy

Mary MorrisseySenator Bernie SandersHeidi L. SieckZephyr TeachoutRobert ThurmanOpal Tometi

Cenk UygurMichael WeissRev Angel Kyodo WilliamsMarianne WilliamsonRoger WolfsonCat Zavis




The SISTER GIANT conference 2017 will be held in Washington DC, hosted by author Marianne Williamson and Derrick Harkins, Sr. vice President of the Union Theological Seminary.

Beginning on the evening of Thursday, February 2 and extending through Saturday evening February 4, SISTER GIANT will bring together progressive spiritual and political voices for deep discussion about the state of our country and ways to help move it in a more enlightened direction.

The conference will be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, in Arlington, VA a few short miles from downtown DC and 2 miles from Reagan National Airport.

We have made arrangements at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, which is one mile from the event hotel and offers a shuttle service to and from, for a special group rate of $159. To receive this rate, please book directly through us by writing to [email protected] and we will secure your reservation.

Parking is available at the event hotel at the following rates: Self parking:  $29.00 for 2-24 hours. Valet parking:  $34 for 2-24 hours.


THURSDAY: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
FRIDAY: 9am – 12:30pm. [Lunch Break] 2pm – 5:30pm. [Dinner Break] 7pm – 10pm
SATURDAY: 9am – 12:30pm. [Lunch Break] 2pm – 5:30pm. [Dinner Break] 7pm – 10pm
(End times subject to modification if more time is needed).

Thursday night keynotes addresses will be given by Senator Bernie Sanders and Rev. Dr. William Barber.


(Live attendees will also have access to the livestream and video replay for 6 months).

(Livestream attendees will have access to the stream and video replays for 6 months. Video replays become available immediately following each segment).

Students, please write to [email protected] to register at that rate.

TICKETS FOR TEENS ARE FREE. Please write to [email protected] to register teens.

Scholarship assistance is available. Please write to [email protected]